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About Liliana Soggiu

Doctoral student in gynecology and obstetrics

I successfully completed my bachelor's degree in obstetrics at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2009. My professional career started in Germany and subsequently took me to various positions in Germany and Switzerland as a midwife Bachelor of Science in midwifery. Not only was I able to enrich my experience, I also led midwife teams in senior management positions and led to top performance. After several years of clinical experience, I was looking for a new challenge in my development. During my master’s degree, I have the skills to critically reflect on experiences gained at home and abroad, to scientifically analyze them, to develop strategies for solving known challenges and to plan their implementation. After successfully completing my master's degree, midwife master of science, neonatology and obstetrics in September 2017 at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, I have a good deal of motivation to delve into science in order to pursue my own research question and finally submit my own small work . In addition to the necessary intellectual competence, my project "Doctoral Thesis" requires a high level of work and endurance, and is sometimes tedious and tedious, but also contains delightful moments and is a positive personal challenge for me. As an experienced midwife, doctoral student in gynecology and obstetrics, Master of Science in neonatology and obstetrics, Bachelor of Science in midwifery with extensive research method competence, professional innovation and evidence-based clinical reasoning in cross-departmental processes, highly specialized knowledge, the latest knowledge as the basis for innovative approaches and research I offer you interprofessional integrated perinatal care and a valuable contribution.

work experience

2018 doctoral student in gynecology and obstetrics
Midwife Master of Science Neonatology and Obstetrics
Midwife Bachelor of Science midwife science
Freelance, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany

2017 Midwife Master of Science Neonatology and Obstetrics
Midwife Bachelor of Science midwife science
Freelance, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany

2013 Midwife Bachelor of Science Midwifery
Freelance, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany

2011 Midwife Bachelor of Science Midwifery Science
Private clinic group Hirslanden, Klinik im Park, Zurich, Switzerland.

2010 Midwife Bachelor of Science Midwifery
University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland

2009 Midwife Bachelor of Science Midwifery
Hospital zum Heiligen Geist, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2007 Senior Students Midwifery Midwifery
Uni Maternite´

1997 Pedagogue Bachelor of Arts Educational Science
International High School

Further education

2019 Fetal Medicine Foundation
Head Prof. Dr. K. Nicolaides
Certificate of attendance- theoretical course
a) Preeclampsia screening
b) fetal cardiac scanning
c) The 11-13 weeks scan

2019 World Intellectual Property Organization
General Course on Intellectual Property

2019 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. Christoph Bührer, OA PD Dr. Stefan Verlohren,
OA Dr. Larry Hinkson, OÄ Dr. Iris Dressler
9. Perinatological afternoon
a) News about pre-eclampsia
b) Hypothermia treatment for severe acidosis of the newborn
c) Prevention through early nutritional intervention - what is certain?
d) breech end position
e) amniotic fluid embolism

2018 42nd Scientific Congress
German High Pressure League e.V. DHL®
German Society for Hypertension and Prevention

News from endothelium research
Direction: Hermann Haller, Kristina Kusche-Vihrog

Hypertension and Target Organ Brain - Consequences for Practice
Direction: Joachim Schrader, Peter Trenkwalder

Early detection and screening of metabolic disorders
Direction: Joachim Schrader, Volker Schettler

Pro / Con discussion: Central blood pressure measurement - ready for practice?
Pathophysiological basics, methodology of measurement
Direction: Bernd Sanner, Thomas Mengden

Modern methods for characterizing cardiovascular diseases
Direction: Thomas Unger, Ulrich Wenzel

Blood pressure measurement - newly illuminated
Direction: Bernd Sanner, Bernhard Krämer

Hypertension and Diabetes in Old Age - Do We Have to Do Something Different?
Joint meeting of the Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft e.V. with the Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Commission and the Federal Association of Resident Diabetologists.
Direction: Stephan Jacob, Ulrich Kintscher

Changes in left-atrial and left-ventricular dimensions in women 2 years after preeclampsia
Propionate a gut microbiota-derived metabolite attenuates hypertensive cardiac and vascular damage. Propionate a gut microbiota-derived metabolite attenuates hypertensive cardiac and vascular damage
Management: Ralf Dechend

2018 62nd Congress of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics Berlin

Abnormally invasive placenta: recommendations for diagnostics and management.
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, PD Dr. med. Thorsten Braun

The mother passport: a success story
Head: Dr. med. Wolfgang Cremer, PD Dr. med. Holger Maul

Section meeting of the AGG section "Hypertensive Gestational Diseases"
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Birgit Seelbach-Göbel, Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Wagner,
Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Wolfram Dudenhausen, Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Vetter

a) Outpatient management
b) Clinical management
c) Screening / Prediction / Prevention
d) Born: and now? Long-term consequences - management / support
Head: PD Dr. med. Ulrich Pecks, PD Dr. med. Dietmar Schlembach,
Prof. Dr. med. Holger Stepan, PD Dr. med. Stefan Verlohren,

Studies on epigenetic changes in endothelial progenitor cells in preeclampsia Head: Dr. Lars Brodowski

Preexistent Maternal Diseases in Pregnancy
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Markus Schmidt

Diabetes in pregnancy: where are we?
a) 6 years of GDM screening in the maternity guidelines
b) The sensitivity and specificity of the 50g glucose challenge test in a universal two-step screening strategy for gestational diabetes mellitus using the 2013 World Health Organization criteria (the BEDIP study)
c) What's new? Essentials of the new GDM guideline
Head: PD Dr. med. Tanja Groten, Prof. Dr. med. Ute Schäfer-Graf

Indications for elective section: evidence-based
Head: PD Dr. med. Dietmar Schlembach,

IUGR: Decision support for the management of the early / late IUGR
a) Fetal growth curves: one size fits all?
b) Monitoring and indication of childbirth in late IUGR
c) Long-term outcome at IUGR
d) Monitoring and indication of childbirth in early IUGR
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Kurt Hecher, Prof. Dr. med. Sven Kehl, PD Dr. med. Dietmar Schlembach

Addiction disorders in perinatal medicine
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Schneider

Emergency management
a) Shock and pregnancy: resuscitation of a pregnant patient
b) Ultrasound in acute emergency situations (VIDEO)
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thorsten Annecke

Interdisciplinary session: cardiology and obstetrics
a) Peripartum cardiomyopathy: pathophysiology, treatment and prognosis
b) aHUS or HELLP: the most exciting cases
c) HELLP or not HELLP: that's the question
d) Atypical HELLP or typical aHUS?
e) Pregnancy-associated aHUS: When and how to treat?
Head: Prof. Dr. med. Holger Stepan, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Constantin von Kaisenberg

2018 Hipp Midwifery Academy, Berlin
Emotional crises after childbirth - traumatization, experience of violence and attachment disorder

2018 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Bührer
a) Gestational diabetes
b) Treatment of children of dialectical mothers
c) What changes in baby food through the new EU legislation
d) addiction during pregnancy
e) Postnatal treatment of drug addiction children

2017 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. med. C. Dame, Dr. med E. von Tücher, PD Dr. med S. Get lost
a) Prenatal monitoring of the growth-retarded fetus
b) Placental pathologies from a prenatal diagnostic perspective
c) Special care for premature and newborn babies with severe intrauterine growth retardation.

2017 City CUBE Berlin 28th German Congress for Perinatal Medicine
German Society for Perinatal Medicine (DGPM)
Scientific Director Prof. Dr. Franz Kainer, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eva Mildenberger, Dr. Babett Ramsauer, Prof. Dr. Rolf Maier, Prof. Dr. Klaus Vetter
a) Research focus in perinatology - how can I habilitate? Thrombosis and pregnancy, CTG course - afterwards you are always smarter b) Placenta - the forgotten organ: What we can learn from the placenta, Premature birth: How to avoid - how to deliver?
c) IUGR - Management and long-term development with early growth restriction, extreme premature babies on the border to viability
d) Perinatological infection, basissono fetal heart, perinatal neurology
e) Seminar medication in pregnancy
f) Higher-level multiple births - pregnancy care and birth management, fetomaternal Doppler sonography
g) Diagnosis of malformations, prenatal diagnostics and psychosomatics and social topics
h) Management of the late IUGR, procedure in case of missed deadlines: introduction vs. waiting
i) Diagnosis and therapy for mental illness in pregnancy and in the puerperium
j) Fetal sonography for cardiac malformation TIPS for the professional, invasive prenatal therapy for cardiac malformations
k) Music - Influence on pregnancy, birth and the newborn
l) Update peripartum hemorrhage, postpartum conception, maternal emergencies, current therapeutic aspects of acupuncture & Chinese medicine in pregnancy, childbirth and in the puerperium
m) Special malformation diagnosis Rebrescher, primary care for extreme premature babies
n) Screening concepts for pre-eclampsia - improve the prognosis of the disease - management of severe pre-eclampsia

2017 KUBUS Leipzig 17th German Gestose Congress
Working Group on Pregnancy Hypertension and Gestosis (AGSG)
the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG)
DACH conference of the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP)
Head Prof. Dr. med. Holger Stepan University Hospital Leipzig, PD Dr. med. Dietmar Schlembach Vivantes, PD Dr. Stefan Verlohren, Charité Berlin
a) Diagnostics, prediction and prognosis of pre-eclampsia part I
b) Clinical practice and management
c) Ultrasound training: Doppler and placenta assessment
d) Diagnostics, prediction and prognosis of pre-eclampsia Part II
e) Basic research and pre-eclampsia part I
f) Basic research and pre-eclampsia Part II
g) therapeutic approaches and long-term prognosis
h) gestational diabetes
i) Closing and Outlook 2019

2017 1st Sana Midwifery Symposium
Head of Dr. med. J.-P Scharf Chief Physician of the Women's Clinic, Prof. Dr. Markus Schmidt, chief physician, Sana Klinikum Duisburg
a) Alcohol during pregnancy and effects on the newborn
b) Breastfeeding - Old topic, new knowledge.
c) Malformation diagnosis for everyone? Sense and nonsense of ultrasound examinations during pregnancy d) Delivery room 2020 - what do patients want?
e) Final breech position: outer turn and birth - 10-year data in the Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg
f) work concentration of clinically active midwives
g) The sFlt-1 / PlGF quotient and its clinical importance
h) Inspection of the obstetric department and end

2017 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Bührer
a) First aid and resuscitation in newborns
b) medication during pregnancy and lactation
c) Palliative care for seriously ill newborns - prenatal counseling and postnatal implementation
d) Birth (in) management after caesarean section

2017 Berlin Healthcare Network Psychosomatic Gynecology and Obstetrics
Head of Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Annekathrin Bergner, Dr. Ingrid Munk Chief Physician for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
Chronic pelvic pain from a psychosomatic point of view and implications for psychotherapeutic support for patients.

2017 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Bührer
a) Advanced screening for cystic fibrosis
b) Complementary foods: when, what, how?
c) Update Peripartum Bleeding
d) New emergencies in obstetrics
e) Caesarean section, maternal vaginal and infantile intestinal flora.

2016 Martin Luther Hospital
Head of PD. Dr. Frank Jochum, Mr. Tom Häusler, Dr. Hanna Petersen
a) Clinic for newborn medicine: review, outlook, balance
b) Hyperbilirubinemia jaundice in newborns: detection and action, diagnosis and therapy
c) Weight gain and nutrition of the infant during the puerperal period.

2015 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Bührer
Perinatological afternoon:
a) Gestational diabetes and fetal programming from a neonatal perspective
b) CTG assessment
c) Protein in the diet of mature infants: why less is more today
d) vaccinations for infants
e) Postpartum depression

2015 35th symposium for midwives in Berlin - headed by Prof. Dr. med. Michael Abou-Dakn
Science and practice in the dialogue "obstetrics, puerperium and infant care"
a) Isn't the normal birth a cultural heritage?
b) Challenges in clinical breastfeeding support
c) Basic care right from the start - your status in the prevention of atopy
d) Come in and Burnout - Stress in Obstetrics
e) Generation Y - the secret revolutionaries
f) Bonding and skin contact: importance of sense system early development of humans

2015 lactation and breastfeeding training center
10th German Breastfeeding and Lactation Congress in collaboration with:
- the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
- the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, clinic for neonatology
- the Free University of Berlin
combined with:
18th interdisciplinary symposium for the development-promoting and individual care of premature babies and their parents Newborn Northerners Seminar
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

2015 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich
a) Life-threatening maternal emergencies
b) Breech end position / outer turn - spontaneous birth or primary section?
c) Diabetes in Pregnancy Prevention, Diagnostics and Therapy
d) Breastfeeding support without certification

2015 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich, Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Bührer
a) The emergence of the intestinal flora course for life
b) Preeclampsia - a stress test for the cardiovascular system. Follow-up Implications
c) Family sponsor: A low-threshold offer for families with a lot of stress.
d) Social-medical aftercare by the social pediatric center

2015 advanced training “From breast to family table - individual complementary food introduction

2015 Vivantes Klinikum Friedrichshain Berlin - Head of Dr. Karl Schunck
"The acute emergency in the newborn age"
2014 Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Head Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich
a) Enteral nutrition of very small premature babies in the clinic and their long-term prognosis
b) New knowledge in the prediction, diagnosis and therapy of pre-eclampsia
c) Complications in monochorial twin pregnancies.

2012 low-level laser therapy for obstetrics and gynecology
2012 Breastfeeding management in maternity facilities
2011 emergency management in obstetrics and gynecology
2011 Use and experience aromatherapy in obstetrics
2010 baby blues in the puerperium
2010 conflict management couple counseling
2010 Leboyer baby massage
2009 birth preparation and post-exercise gymnastics

Academic education

2018 - 2022 PhD student University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Specialization: gynecology and obstetrics
Doctorate: Doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics
Research area: Preeclampsia and Maternal Cardiovascular Adaptation during Pregnancy

2016 - 2017 University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Specialization: Neonatology and Obstetrics
Degree program: Master of Science, Neonatology and Obstetrics
Master thesis: Postpartum pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP syndrome
Master of Science in Neonatology and Obstetrics, grade: 1.0

2005 - 2009 University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Specialization: gynecology and obstetrics
Degree course: Midwifery
Bachelor Thesis: Uterine Rupture
Midwifery Bachelor of Science Midwifery degree, grade: 1.0

1992 - 1997 University of Education
Specialization: Pedagogy / Educational Science
Degree program: Educational Science
Bachelor Thesis: Lifelong Learning - A Critical Analysis
Degree in education Bachelor of Arts in educational science, grade: 1.0



German, Italian and English

We advise you gladly at any time

Preeclampsia consultation

Have you been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia during your pregnancy?
This disease often occurs unexpectedly and has a major impact on the health of the mother and the child.

As a pre-eclampsia expert, I guarantee that women and families are optimally cared for according to their needs and current knowledge:
? I secure the evidence-based transfer of knowledge into practice.
? I look after and accompany patients with pre-eclampsia and support their mental, social and physical health.
? I lead quality circles and case reviews.
? I develop, implement and evaluate modern care models and care paths for pre-eclampsia patients.

Planning Familial

Very different influencing factors are decisive for family planning. In addition to the basic agreement of the attitudes of both partners, this includes personal goals, values, desires, professional career opportunities for childcare and life planning in general. Make an appointment!

Midwife consultation hours

The midwife consultation is a supplementary service to the pregnancy checks at your doctor and offers space and time for your individual concerns. With me you can bring up all topics related to pregnancy:

? Various options for prenatal diagnosis
? Pregnancy complaints
? Dealing with sexuality
? Prevention of physical changes
? Role change from wife / partner to mother
? resp. from man / partner to father

I will take the time to answer your questions competently and strengthen your trust.

Stem cell advice

You have probably come to this point because you are wondering whether stem cell therapy can help treat an illness? And you won't find it easy to get competent advice.

Nutritional advice for pregnant women

Proper nutrition during pregnancy plays an important role in the healthy development of the baby.

Breastfeeding advice

Breastfeeding - breast milk is a miracle of nature. Breast milk is much, much more for a baby, especially in the first weeks after birth, than just a thirst quencher or a filler.
Nature has even set it up so that a breastfeeding baby always gets exactly the nutrient mix that it needs at the particular stage of its development.

I support you with great experience, tailored to your very personal concerns.

Consulting costs:
Your health insurance covers all costs.


Please enter the important dates so that I can adjust
exactly to your situation and offer you an appointment.

I accept the terms and conditions and I also agree to the privacy policy.

The birth of a child is an exciting event

Evidence-based prenatal care

Checkups: Safety for Mother and Child.
The regular preventive examinations serve to keep an eye on the development of the child and the health of the mother. They offer the opportunity to act in good time if problems arise. Pregnancy is a time of constant development and change for mother and child. The purpose of prenatal examinations is to carefully monitor and document this development. If the examination appointments are regularly observed, there is a good chance of recognizing risks early on and taking action if necessary. The maternity guidelines also stipulate that the pregnant woman and, on request, her partner, be informed and advised about the test results if medically necessary or sensible measures are to be taken.


Eine Risiko-Schwangerschaft liegt bei über 50 Prozent aller werdenden Mutter vor. Wesentliches Ziel der Betreuung ist die Erkennung von möglichen oder bereits vorhandenen Risiken für Schwangere und ihr Kind.

Postpartum care

Offering high quality postpartum aftercare.
Postpartum aftercare programs with multiple home visits by midwives show a lot positive effects in terms of breastfeeding success, reduced occurrence of postpartum depression and greater maternal self-confidence. Repeated home visits by midwives thus have great potential for promoting child and family health. iBaby Team establishes itself as a competent and reliable partner in the German healthcare system and contributes to the promotion of care models.

Your health insurance covers all costs.

slip birth

If you would like a delivery of documents in the clinic, please contact me early. For the birth attendance and the time around the birth of 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the calculated delivery date, there is no usual standby fee of 3,500 euros.

At the start of labor there is a possibility that I will take care of you at home before I enter the clinic. So you can spend part of the opening phase in your familiar environment. Together we decide when the time has come to enter the clinic. If the birth progresses, enter the clinic and I will accompany you during the birth.

After giving birth, I accompany you with your child for the first time, until you are transferred to the puerperium department or, in the case of an outpatient birth, until you leave home.

I also look after you at home in the first few months of the week.



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Liliana Soggiu
PhD student in gynecology and obstetrics
Midwife Master of Science Neonatology and Obstetrics
Midwife Bachelor of Science midwife science
Pedagogue Bachelor of Arts Educational Science
Am Spiegelberg 15, 14552 Michendorf

Tel .: +49 157 707 578 37

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